There are plenty of little shops in the town selling most of the essentials. Below are a few items you will want to consider packing for your stay in San Marcos la Laguna:


San Marcos la Laguna has stable temperature all year round – around 23-25°C during the day and 7-12°C during the night (it’s cooler during the winter months of course). That’s why we say it’s “Year-round-spring” weather here in San Marcos.

Most days of the year you can wear summer clothing and sandals during the day. You might need light jacket and long pants in the evenings. For the months when it rains in the afternoons make sure you have a waterproof and umbrella.

If you are planning on trekking the volcanoes a pair of good trekking boots are recommended.

San Marcos la Laguna has been host to many different cultures and ways of dressing. While wearing what you feel comfortable in is not a problem, please bare in mind the majority of the community are from a more reserved background. This means dressing in a very revealing way, whether male or female (as with anywhere in the world) can attract negative attention. You would look out of place doing your grocery shopping in a ski suit here as much as you would in your swimming suit.

Power and adapters

Guatemala’s power supply uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity, same as the US. Plugs are typically the 2 pronged flat type. In San Marcos there are both two and three hole power sockets, so if your device has a third prong you may want to bring an adaptor just in case.

Flash light

It gets dark at between 6-7pm and to navigate many of the tiny paths in San Marcos you will need a flash light.

Mosquito repellent

In the town and during much of the year mosquito are not that much of a problem. It’s not an essential item, but they are however around. We recommend you use a natural repellent – better for you and the environment.

General packing advice

Check out this awesome little book, ‘The Modern Nomad’s Backpack: A Guide to Packing Light for Round the World Travel‘ by Anne Richardson for more handy packing tips.