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Barefoot Academy (just below Yoga Forest)


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Did You Know You Could Learn Acupuncture – And That It’s A LOT Easier Than You Think . . .

If You Want To Learn Fast, Simple, Effective Acupuncture As A Way To Help Others Or For Your Own Career In Healing Arts . . .

I Urge You To Check Out This Introductory Program!

Basic Acupuncture
For Pain And Stress

There is nothing in medicine that more versatile and valuable for more people that treats more conditions than acupuncture. Nothing! For that reason alone you owe it to yourself to check out Basic Acupuncture For Pain And Stress

And see for yourself just how easy it can be when you have a competent mentor to show you the highly technical details so you get the hang of it . . . QUICKLY!

• Learn the 10 most common and powerful points for pain and stress so you can treat nearly 85% of all the people you meet – even if you’ve never touched an acupuncture needle before in your life!
• You need at least 20 years to learn acupuncture right? WRONG: My simple palpatory method allows you to treat pain and stress – wherever you find it!
• The truth about learning acupuncture . . . Correct and professional needle-skills are DIRT-SIMPLE to learn – IF you have a mentor. You too can learn to needle like a pro – the way it’s done at the hospital level!

This is your chance to learn the one skill that rules them all. NO kidding . . . Acupuncture is THAT good – but still almost no one really knows what high-quality practice actually feels like because so few professionals are trained to do it right. If you learn it the right way, you can learn quickly.

A 5-Hour Introductory, Experiential-Learning And Training Course

Cost: $147 introductory tuition – 50% off the regular rate of $297 for a limited time
Saturday: 0900 – 1400: Call 4537-1858 or
CLICK Here To Register:
Where: Barefoot Academy just below Yoga Forest on the main path.
What to Bring: Yourself and a buddy if possible. All materials provided.
**Note: you will likely learn much faster if you have a partner to train with.

**No. This does not allow you to practice legally in many, many places. Most of the world has regulations about charging money for acupuncture. BUT, there is no law related to you treating yourself, your friends or your family. Think of it as first aid for pain and stress.

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