San Marcos is lucky to have many institutions that provide spaces for young people to come together and develop in a variety of ways. La Cambalacha has been giving young people the opportunity to take part in creative arts, from painting to dance and music since 2002.

This year’s Harvest Festival will be supporting La Cambalacha to continue its work.

We asked Gabriela Cordón, La Cambalacha’s founder, how your support at the Harvest Festival will provide opportunities for young people in San Marcos la Laguna to be creative.

“Developing creative expression and imagination through art and games for young people is vital for their minds. These activities help in conquering insecurities, working in a team, respecting each other, listening, equality and awareness.


“We have three expenses that your support will help us with:

  • The salary of our local coordinator. He graduated from our Youth Leader program several years ago and stayed on to coordinate the organisation.
  • Arts and crafts materials
  • Monthly income support we give to participating families to help keeping the kids in school and in our program – so that they don’t have to work on the days that they come here.

“This is our 14th year running. Our programs have reached thousands of children here and in other villages.

“We have had five generations of Youth Leaders graduate. Several former students are now teachers and/or artists, or have worked with other art collectives.

“We have hosted over 400 volunteers from all around the world and through exchanges with sister projects, several young people from San Marcos have traveled to other countries.

“We have published a teacher’s’ manual for creative ideas in the classroom, distributed to hundreds of teachers in San Pablo, San Marcos and Tzununá and we produced an album of children’s’ songs called La Semilla.

“Hundreds of dance, circus, singing, and theater performances have been held at public events around the country and now our current focus is on each child’s emotional processes.


“The community in San Marcos la Laguna and many visitors it receives each year have been incremental in supporting our vision at La Cambalacha and I would like thank you all for your continued support.”

Find out more about La Cambalacha and how you can get involved at

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