Line up

(starting from 3pm)

Lea Chiara


Carlos Funk




Ishto Jueves


Songwriter from western Massachusetts who grew up in the rich folk music scene of the northeastern U.S. She writes and howls soulful story-songs about her travels around North America, Asia and Europe. She also studies the wing patterns of rare birds of prey, loves flying with sea turtles in the Caribbean, and drinks the stars for dessert. Follow Lea on Facebook >  A long standing member and treasure of the San Marcos community, Carlos is joining the festival with his Blues set. Carlos regularly plays at Blind Lemons’, his gaff in the center of town. Check out his album on Itunes > Kumara is a musical collective formed by Guatemalan artists inspired and raised by an experience full of flavors, colors, energy and rhythms, taking you from a latin jazz, to a funky groove, to a flamenco/rhumba, to a tribal african dance. Well, it is through music that we explore and honor our Creators, our beliefs, and our selves, but also you, who inspires us to ny influences around the Globe. We work on giving a share what we most love in this beautiful experience we call life and the creative energy that has been given to us as humans beings, this thing call music, freedom, dance, unity. Listen to them on Sound Cloud > Ishto Jueves is an americanized indigenous person, with hazzelnuss eyes, like the register dictates. A musician, composer, singer/songwriter, a traveler – his songs a mix all the many breads he has eaten and the streets he has walked, the air he has breathed, the cultures he has injected himself with.  Now, like all of us on this planet under 40, he is in the process of making a superstar, or maybe  just star dust, as he says, but still writing songs. Checkout Ishto on Sound Cloud >

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9am – Mayan Ceremony view full details >

11am – Kirtan view full details >

12 midday – Farmers & Artisans Market view full details >

3pm – Live music (details above)

About the festival

This is the second annual harvest festival organised and hosted by Shangri-la Atitlan, San Marcos’ very own coffee roasting company. The intention of the festival is to celebrate the coffee harvest which so many people are supported by here in the town and raise money for one of San Marcos’ institutions. This year all funds raised will be going towards La Cambalacha.

La Cambalacha

Founded in 2002 by Gabriela Cordón, a native Guatemalan dancer and choreographer, La Cambalacha dedicates itself to supporting and facilitating artistic sensitization, learning, exchange, formation and production with the children and youth of rural communities.

Your donations and contributions to this festival will provide the center with vital funds to continue.

Find out more about La Cambalacha >

How to get to the festival …

Once you have made it to San Marcos la Laguna you head to the top of Barrio Dos to Shangri-la Atitlan. There is a steep hill up so if you need a little help then you will find plenty of tuk tuks in the town center.