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Many people visit Guatemala to find out more about Mayan traditions and culture and Mayan Astrology is just one way to connect with these ancient customs. For centuries and even today the indigenous Maya in Guatemala use a calendar based on a combination of Sun and Moon calendars and numerology. Twenty was the Mayan’s cardinal number, and thirteen also had a lot of significance. These two numberts play a key role in their astrology. Twenty is the sum total of an individual’s fingers and toes, and the lunar calendar consists of 13 months of 20 days, 260 days. Mayan astrology therefore is system of interpretation based on the Mayan sacred calendar of 260 days.


The Mayan calendar

There are at least two different counts of sacred calendar in use. One used by the Maya people, particularly here in highland Guatemala, commonly called the Chol Q’ij, Quiche or true count and one used primarily in the “New Age” community often called the Tzolkin.

The sacred cycle of 260 days is a harmonious fragment. A fraction which correlates and interconnects many aspects of our lives and reality. The Quiche sacred calendar is connected with the motions of at least two of the closest planets in our solar system (Venus and Mars), the gestation period of humans and the life cycle of maize. It acts as a bridge between the heart of the sky (movements of the planets) and the heart of the earth (roots of the maize). As such it can be used to determine the interaction of the divine with the earthly plane, or as it we could put it the earthly life path chosen by one’s soul.

The Nawals and numbers

According to Mayan astrology, you are born on one of the 260 days of the sacred calendar. This is known as your Awach Q’ij (face of the sun). It consists of a number between 1 and 13 and one of twenty nawales. Both the numbers and the nawales all have different characteristics. The combination of the number and the nawal is thought to determine your personality, your strengths and your weaknesses. Some nawales carry the energy of the arts, some of plants, some of prayer makers and some of law keepers. However, in our world the idea of working in harmony with that which comes naturally is sacrificed in favour of that which pays well. When your daily work is in harmony with the energy of your nawal, you will have a natural talent at what you do. Most people will find this pleasing as they will enjoy what they do and be successful at it.

Additionally, this is modified by the year in which you were born. The sacred calendar day of the “Mayan New Year” in the year in which you are born gives rise to another number and nawal combination known as the year bearer. This also gives you particular strengths and weaknesses, and in some ways can be seen as giving you a certain potential to fulfil within life. In order to fulfil this potential you receive a skill set from the sacred calendar, your Awach Q’ij, and so both the sacred calendar and the solar calendar are involved in Mayan astrology.

From this combination we can derive a reading, which can help to highlight what qualities you carry, we are able to look beneath the outward personality at your true drives and motivations, what will bring you joy and where your challenges lie. A simple combination of number and nawal can be expanded to give what is known as the Mayan cross, which introduces secondary numbers and nawales representing your past, future, intuitive and physical aspects. This can further be expanded into a nine sign constellation showing the past and future of both your intuitive and physical aspects.

How Mayan astrology can be helpful to you

Mayan astrology can be helpful to people who have reached a crossroads in their life, have become dissatisfied with their profession and are wondering what to do next. It can also be very useful to determine the talents of a young child so that materials that will bring out their natural talents can be made freely available to them.

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