By spending money in small, local businesses, volunteering, interacting with local people, staying for extended periods you have a positive effect on Guatemala.

Volunteering/supporting local organisations

Volunteers and donations to San Marcos organisations are always welcomed. Several organisations operate to support the local community. These are:

Ayuda Gatos y Perros


Escuela Caracol

La Cambalacha


Think about plastic – always carry your water bottle with you and ask for refill in the restaurants.

Use ecological linen bag while shopping instead of single-use plastic bags.

Use natural soaps, shampoos, conditioners

Be responsible – Help us protect the environment you are enjoying


The town does experience shortages and it is appreciated that you think carefully about your water use during these times as it is tough on everyone in the town.


There are many dogs around San Marcos, while most are owned there are strays. If you want to help these animals please do not adopt a dog for just the time you are here for without ensuring it has a good home to go to when you leave. Taking in a dog and then abandoning it is just as cruel as leaving it on the street. You can help by supporting Ayuda Gatos y Perros in their work to provide sterilisation clinics, vaccinations and medical care.