Like anywhere in the world you visit, please exercise the same precautions and common sense when in San Marcos.

  • Avoid having on show expensive cameras/equipment and carrying large amounts of money with you.
  • When walking in remote areas out of the town it is advised to take a local guide with you.
  • Avoid walking around the town alone after dark late at night and especially in areas where there are not many people.
  • Where possible, lock valuables in a safe or locker at your accommodation and do not leave items in outdoor areas over night.
  • Try not to attract negative attention by respecting the local culture and environment you are in. Dress appropriately in public and remember your behavior should be a good example to others in the community around you.



If you have been victim of a crime inform the local authorities as soon as you can. The police can be contacted at the Municipal building and on 4503 7073.